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Burnt Norton is the only supplier and retailer of Straitjacket Coffee. Straitjacket Coffee is the collective efforts of a professional card player and a master roaster. George Gastin and Ray Delmundo. Ray inherited his family coffee plantation only to lose it in a card game to George. George knew nothing about coffee other than he had spent enough time at card tables to know which ones served the best cup. George made Ray an offer. He said he would give him back half his coffee plantation if he agreed to a partnership in a new business, which would become Straitjacket Coffee. Ray, with his experience and expertise, decides on the type of roast and George, with his ‘educated-at-the-card-table-palate,’ tastes the finished results. Since the start of the company, Christmas 1999, Straitjacket Coffee has one customer, Burnt Norton. Others have approached them with wholesale and retail enquires. Unfortunately those enquires remain unanswered. Ray and George are of the unusual business acumen that less really is more.